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1- What are the main features of the new App?

E-receipts: Get a digital copy of your receipts, right after you make a transaction

MyCLUB: One-click access to your MyCLUB digital card

Offers: Check the latest offers and weekly leaflet

2- How to download the Carrefour Online Shopping App?

Download the MAF Carrefour Online Shopping App through Apple Store or Google Play

Download Carrefour iOS App Download Carrefour Android App


3- How to login to MyCLUB on the New App?

   Once the download is completed, select the country “QATAR” and click on ‘More’ option at the bottom right of your screen, fill your information and create your digital MyCLUB account.

4- How to switch to the new Carrefour Online Shopping App?

Download the new App through Apple store HERE or Google play HERE, click to ‘More’ and login to the App by using your Email

Verification code will be sent shortly by SMS or Email put the code number, and create your new password.

Once you login into your new App make sure to delete the old one because old App will not work anymore.

5- What is my username/what if I forget my MyCLUB login?

Your username remains the same but if you forgot your username go back to your old App, and check in your profile which MyCLUB login you have used, or else please call Carrefour customer service at 8007323.

6- I do not remember my password. What should I do to login into MyClub?

After you complete your login you will receive verification code through SMS or Email use the code number and create your new password again.

7- Will my points and vouchers remain the same when I switch to the new App?

Yes, your points, vouchers & coupons will be automatically transferred to the new Carrefour Online Shopping App, as long as you login with your same email address.

8- What if I don’t see the same number of points on my screen?

You may be offline at the moment. Please check again after a while; if your points still don’t appear on the screen, visit your nearest Carrefour Customer service or contact us at 8007323.

9- How can a new customer register into MyClub?

Download the new Carrefour Online Shopping App from Apple store HERE or Google Play HERE

Select the country QATAR

Click on the & icon

Register your profile with correct information

Pick a Password.

You are now ready to use MyClub.

10- How to Redeem Points?

It’s fast and easy! Reach 500 Points and get a 50QAR voucher, which you can redeem on your next purchase.

11- What if I keep using my old Carrefour App?

You will not be able to access your old App after downloading the new App please make sure to download the new Carrefour Online Shopping App now.

12- Where can I find my shopping E-Receipts?

You can view by clicking on the ‘More’ option at the bottom right of your screen ‘Store Receipts’ and get your shopping details.

13- How do I redeem my MyCLUB loyalty coupons?

If you are at the store, please activate your coupons & vouchers before reaching the cash counter as there may be a delay of a few seconds. Click on the MyCLUB icon at the top right of the screen and activate the coupon that you want to redeem.

If you are shopping online, you can redeem your coupons for online purchase by activating them in the app.

14- Can I create a cart on the website and complete the payment by App?

Yes, if you prefer, you can shop via carrefourqatar.com to create your cart and complete the payment on the App. This also work vice versa, so you can shop on the App to create your cart and complete the payment on carrefourqatar.com. Just make sure you are logged in with the same details for both the App and website.

Kindly visit our Customer Service in any Carrefour store. Our staff will happily assist you with any questions you may have. You can reach us as well on the toll-free number: 8007323.