Customers Round Table: 4th May 2016  - Carrefour City Center

04 May 2016

Customers Round Table: 4th May 2016 - Carrefour City Center

For our improvement process, we elaborated a survey and realized a round table with the customers of Carrefour Hypermarket in City Center to collect the comments and suggestions.


Customers have indicated some important points:

Good points:

The store is conveniently located.

The customers are satisfied with all departments

Most of customers are satisfied with store atmosphere and decor

70% of customer fined Carrefour has the lowest prices

In general, the customers are satisfied with Carrefour City Center


Vegetables and Fruits: good price

Fishery: low range and attractive display in the self-service unit

Bakery: mini Arabic bread most of the time out of stock

Roastery: good quality roasted chicken

Textile: Tex brand quality is good


Suggestion boxes in the store

Interact with communities Facebook to get the real customers’ requirements and feedback

Introduce baby-shopping trolleys

Nutrition information boards in butchery, roastery & bakery

Introduce loyalty card