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بامبرز حفاضات بريميوم كير حجم كبير جدا 6 16+ كغ 18 قطعه

حجم العلبة: 18

ريال 40.50
(شامل قيمة الضريبة)

حجم العلبة: 18
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Arabian Peninsula


Pampers Premium Care Pants keep your baby comfortable for up to 12 hrs. Designed for all-around gentle fit, and made with silky-soft materials, they provide our gentlest touch to the skin, for even more comfortable feeling.

كيفية استخدام

شروط التخزين

Keep in dry place

الرسالة المستهدفة

• 3 Absorbing Channels: Even distribution for trusted dryness and less wet bulk
• Silky Softness: Made with our softest-ever materials to provide comfort and protection
• Easy on & off: Easy to pull on and take off to ease diaper changing
• All-Around Fit: Soft and stretchy 360° waistband for a gentle fit
• Wetness Indicator: Turns blue to indicate the diaper change time
• Baby Lotion: Helps protect baby's delicate skin form irritation

تحذير متعلق بالسلامة

To avoid danger of suffocation and/or strangulation, keep all packaging material away from babies and children