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If you look for any deals during Carrefour Friday 2022 in Qatar, now is the time to paddle towards the endless offers and discounts, ranging from daily products that we use for cooking or cleaning, which makes it perfect to buy them in bulk during the sales, especially products with a long shelf life such as cleaning detergents, cleaning sprays that make it easier to remove the grime from surfaces, and any household items, all the way to the coolest and smartest tech, from gaming laptops that are good for not only gaming but also 3D rendering and artwork, as well as business laptops lightweight to hold as well as stylish to fit your outfit, to smartphones, smart watches for sports and work, as well as cameras, and pcs.

Why is black Friday called black Friday?
Black Friday originated from the history of stocks and prices, where two people caused the spike in the gold prices which had a devastating effect of a 20% crash on the stock market and a 50% drop in farm markets, that was when the term first emerged.

Online shopping is a plus during such a busy time of the year, so enjoy all Carrefour Friday offers in Qatar, online, easy to shop, and with amazing discounts.