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All items available on Carrefourqatar.com are delivered to you with the brand’s warranty and protection promise!

All items available on Carrefourqatar.com are guaranteed being original stock from the brand, the distributor or the manufactory warehouse. They carry a limited original warranty from the brand or the distributor that protects them against any manufacturing default.

The warranty begins on the day that your item(s) is received (item delivery day) and lasts as per the brand’s Terms and Conditions (mentioned on the attached warranty).

Item(s) purchased on (www.carrefourqatar.com) can be taken to any Carrefour hypermarket in Qatar after sales service for repair. Carrefour after sales service will facilitate your query but will not be held responsible for the brand’s commitment.

In case the product is defected on delivery, the after sales service will decide whether the product should be replaced or repaired. However, repairs are not accepted under the following conditions:

The defect is due to improper use (misuse, improper voltage, exposure to liquid, abuse or etc.…)

·       The serial number on the product is unknown.

·       The item has been opened & repaired by a third party.

Repair conditions:

There is no warranty without prove of purchase and in case the product was not assembled by an agent.

·       Any product requires a maximum of 15 days to be repaired from the day of delivery to Carrefour after sale service team.

·       After the above mentioned period an exchange / Refund voucher with the paid value will be given to the customer, only if he brings all items accessories

·       To find your closest hypermarket (Find Store) or (Contact us) if you have any query, we will be happy to serve you! We also recommend you the option for a Carrefour 1 or 2-year extended warranty. To learn more about Carrefour extended warranty advantages, please visit (Extended Warranty Retail).

For more information, contact us on: 8007323