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Q. What is the “Allow Substitute” service?

When Carrefour is picking your order for delivery, some products might be out of stock. This service allows us to suggest a substitute for your products i.e. picking a similar product. We offer this service to ensure you get the best customer experience and avoid experiencing any disappointment if the product you want isn’t available. Please note that you can activate/deactivate “Allow Substitute” during checkout.

Q. How does “Allow Substitute” work?

During the checkout, you can activate/deactivate “Allow Substitute” for all products that are eligible for this service or for individual products. While picking your order, if any product is out of stock and has “Allow Substitute” feature activated, the picker will have options to choose a substitute and deliver with your order. No extra amount will be charged if the substituted product has a higher price. In case of the lower price, you will be charged at a smaller amount.

Q. Can I reject substituted products?

Yes, you can. During delivery, substituted products will be placed in a separate bag and the delivery man will explain to you which product was out of stock and what the substitute is recommended, thus making it easy for you to accept or reject.

Q. Are all products available for substitution?

No, not all products are available for substitution because some of them cannot have a suitable substitute. You will find most of the products available for substitution during the checkout though.

Q. Do I pay more if the substitute is more expensive?

No, if the recommended substitute is higher in price than the original order, Carrefour will absorb the difference and you will pay the cost of the original product only. However, if the recommended substitute is less than the original, you will be charged at the smaller amount.

Q. Will substituted products show in the invoice?

Yes, both the original and the substituted products will show in the invoice with full details for your reference.

Q. Did I get my items substituted if the items under promotions?


 No, Substitution will not be applicable if the items under promotions price