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Introducing Valet Trolley & Home Delivery services:

Leave your trolley at our store and have your items delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.

Q. How can I avail the Valet Trolley service?

The project is dedicated to MyClub Members & address must be within the covered zones.

Fresh delivery planned in refrigerated trucks maintained between (4 to 6) Degree, Priority cash counter for Valet Trolley customers, Customer proceeds to dedicated cash counter, requests Valet Trolley service, presents the loyalty reference if available and if not, requests registration from supervisor. Carrefour verifies the customer’s details and chooses the desired slot of delivery. Cashier scans items, customer makes payment and receives an SMS with delivery details, 20 minutes prior to delivery time, customer receives a second SMS reminder, and customer receives goods and signs acknowledgment of delivery

Q. What do we deliver?

All kinds of food (fresh food & Fruits & vegetables, groceries), in addition to DPH, cleaning, and beauty products.

Non-Food small package items upon customer’s request; except for items that are managed by supplier for home delivery such as appliances, TV and household items.

Q. How do you keep my groceries fresh?

The project is dedicated to MyClub Members & address must be within the covered zones.

Your order is kept in special boxes and stored in a chilled room then at the time of the chosen slot, it’s loaded onto our delivery refrigerated trucks. Trucks are equipped with adequate temperature zones, so frozen items stay frozen and vegetables stay fresh while being delivered.

Q. How much do we charge?

FREE for MyCLUB card holders when purchase is above 250 QAR.

Q. Which areas does your delivery cover?

We cover all below areas from Carrefour City Center: West Bay, Defna, Pearl, Lusail

We cover all below areas from Carrefour Villagio, Al Waab, Azizya, Muaither, and Ain Khalid

Ask a supervisor if your area is covered before you avail the Valet Trolley service

For more information on available time slots, please check Valet Trolley Customer support at the store

Please check with customer support at the store for more information on available delivery areas.

Q. When will you receive your items?

You can choose between 9 different time slots,
The cut-off time is 40 minutes before each slot; please keep in mind that you need to book the time slot at least 40 minutes prior to your desired time of delivery,

Carrefour ensures daily deliveries as per your chosen timeslot, however Carrefour can deliver your groceries on the next day if no one was at home for the initial booked timeslot,

Time Slots:

10am - 12pm

12pm - 2pm

2pm - 4pm

4pm - 6pm

5pm - 7pm

6pm - 8pm

7pm - 9pm

8pm - 10pm

9pm - 11pm

Q. How can I track my delivery and contact Customer Support?

20 minutes prior to delivery timing, you will receive an SMS reminder,

In case you want to reschedule or follow-up your delivery, Call 55179105, 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm local time,

 Q. How do I get refund for or damaged items?

In the presence of the driver, damaged items will be refunded systematically,

If driver has left, you need to get back to the store to get refunded or reimbursed for any damaged item,

Refunds will be done in cash for cash payment or via card for credit card payment.

 Q. How can I cancel or reschedule my delivery?

You need to call Carrefour before the chosen time slot if you wish to reschedule the delivery,

In case of cancellation, call Carrefour before the chosen time slot and refer to the store for a refund,

In case of any delay, Carrefour will inform you in advance and reschedule the delivery

In case you’re not present, the driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes

 Q. How can Carrefour enhance my Valet Trolley?

You can call Carrefour at any time for any complaints or suggestions,

Once a month, Carrefour will call all Valet Trolley customers in order to get their feedback and enhance their future experience,

 Q. Should I tip my driver?

No, our drivers do not accept tips but they do appreciate your gratitude.

Q. Do I need to be present at the time of delivery?

We request that our customers be present at the delivery time, however in case of unseen circumstances where you are not available, someone must be present to receive and sign a proof of delivery.

 Q. Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes, your personal information is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

 Q. Do I have to register each time I use the Valet Trolley?

No, this is done through a one-time registration process.

 Q. Where is this services available?

Valet Trolley Service is currently available at City Centre Mall & Villaggio Mall. Soon we will launch the service in other stores.

Please check with Customer support at the store for more information on available delivery areas.

For more information about the available areas, please contact us as we are constantly expanding our delivery services. Call us Toll free 800-7323